"My Machine" Campaign

In 2010, OCCJ launched a public awareness campaign centered on the iconic image of Woody Guthrie and his guitar, inscribed with the motto, “This machine kills fascists.” Oklahoma musicians were asked to put their own spin on Woody’s motto – and the results were provocative and memorable.

Lest we got too cozy with the sepia-toned image of Woody Guthrie as merely a ramblin’, strummin’ troubadour, we remembered that Woody fought the power. Woody was a punk. And Woody believed black lives matter.

With the establishment of the Woody Guthrie Center here in Tulsa. The physical and spiritual home of Woody’s legacy, the 2017 campaign had the privilege and power of its support.

We developed a campaign celebrating local heroes and their actions by showing a connection between Woody and the rest of our community. This approach made our message that much more authentic and personal. And it highlighted not just what people say, but what they do. We asked participants including media personalities, film makers, hip-hip artists, educators and community organizers…


What’s your machine?