Real. Okie.

Muskogee was trying to find its brand voice. Merle Haggard had given them one in 1969 but they wanted a fresher version, designed to resonate today. They called us. What we found was genuine strength of character – and characters. When we showed our work, they were so moved they cried. We produced a strong identity supported by a campaign, a new website and even a store in downtown Muskogee that became a destination in itself.

Brand Identity and Advertising

We were asked to create a fresh take on “Okie from Muskogee” for a new tourism campaign. Where we landed was a new and completely authentic persona for the Muskogee brand that we called Real.Okie. Our work ranged from ads to web design and development to real merchandise.

Real Cubic designed and developed the brand for Real Okie Lifestyle Brand.

The Story Behind Real Okie

To launch the work, we created a video that tells the story of the Muskogee character, and the Real Okies at the heart of it all.

Environmental Design

We designed a storefront in downtown Muskogee for selling Real. Okie. brand merchandise. Muskogee’s Chamber opened it in 2013 and still runs it today.