Here comes the sun.

It’s always summer in Martin County. Following a weeklong immersion (best work trip ever!), we returned with key findings on what makes Martin County unique: its uncrowded beaches promise the picture-perfect beach vacation for families. We brought this story to life, with a prosaic brand voice and painterly brand identity highlighting the area’s rich heritage, abundant activities and stunning views. Since beginning our partnership in 2015, Martin County has seen a 60% increase in tourism tax revenue.

We were proud to play our part in bringing new people to experience paradise.

Brand Identity


We created a new website, incorporating picturesque photography, and featuring itineraries with locals’ favorite activities.

Digital Advertising

We engaged with tourists using targeted digital banners that featured stunning design and simple messaging.

Digital Pre-Roll

You know the phrase: “a vacation from your vacation?” Martin County is kinda’ like that, a playful message we told with our “Tourism Recovery” campaign.

Print Advertising