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For more than 400 years, this courageous city has tackled tough problems and shone light on complex questions. After all, this is where the first European settlers landed, as did the first African Americans under very different circumstances. Today, we’re proud to be helping this unique community own their history, energize their brand and inspire their audiences.

Brand Manifesto

From our deepest understanding of Hampton and its people comes a Brand Manifesto, declaring what holds this community together, from its past to its future.

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400 Years Wave of History Mural

The first 20 to 30 enslaved Africans brought to English North America came held as captives aboard the White Lion. The ship landed on or about August 25, 1619 at Point Comfort, present site of Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia.

As part of Hampton’s yearlong commemoration of this important event, a public mural entitled “Wave of History” was developed by the Cubic team and hand painted by our partners from Colossal Media in Brooklyn, New York, at the intersection of Columbia and Degraw Streets. An evolving color palette against a cresting wave depicts the progression of our nation’s complicated history, from the first Africans brought to Point Comfort, through the triumphs of the Civil Rights movement—and our hopeful future as a multicultural nation in pursuit of true unity and equality. The mural’s purpose is to encourage reflection and public discourse by raising awareness of this pivotal moment in America’s formation and the four centuries of African-American impact that followed.