FC TULSA: Rise Up and Take Flight


Tulsa is home to a thriving soccer community. But over the last two decades, the city’s relationship with its legacy USL team, Tulsa Roughnecks FC, had been rocky, hindered by previous ownership transfers, periods of inactivity, and inconsistent performance. 

When the Craft brothers acquired the team in 2019, they knew they needed to start fresh with a complete rebranding. 

Armed with a new identity, the organization turned to Cubic for strategic recommendations on marketing and brand positioning. The mission was simple but ambitious: introduce FC Tulsa as the fresh face of the Roughnecks, increase awareness and affinity, win new followers and fans, and, ultimately, sell tickets. 

Our recommended marketing strategy took a multi-pronged approach to raising awareness and building anticipation through guerilla advertising tactics, public signage, and a robust merchandising roll-out. Our creative approach focused on connecting the multicultural diversity of Tulsa with the global/universal language of soccer in a way that reflected FC Tulsa’s ethos of inclusivity and community engagement. 

Brand Alignment / Visual language

This is Soccer. We are Tulsa.

From the ashes of the Roughnecks, a new soccer club rises—one that honors both the legacy of the world’s most beloved sport and the evolution of a city from erstwhile oil capital to rapidly growing multicultural powerhouse. 

FC Tulsa is a team for the Tulsa of the 21st century, a team that carries a torch for our city’s future while being firmly planted in the here and now. We are locally focused but globally minded; our vision is to harness the energy and unity of world futbol culture in a way that reflects and celebrates the diversity and pride of our community. 

Our pitch is an open tent extending a friendly invite to all, from hardcore soccer fans to those who know nothing of the game. 

Official Website / Front end Design

Promotional Wearables

The Art of Sport

Inspired by the city’s art deco architecture, FC Tulsa’s fashionable new logo, an elegant rendering of a golden scissortail flycatcher (Oklahoma’s state bird), provided an exciting opportunity to transcend sport and create intrigue around the brand’s new aesthetic, with opportunities for merchandising that would attract even those who’d historically rejected typical sportswear. Our recommendation was to focus on making FC Tulsa a wearable lifestyle brand that transcended traditional sports fandom and appealed to anyone who values a handsome sweater, a classy scarf, a hip tote bag, etc. 


Public Signage

Guerilla Marketing

Play one of us. Play all of us.

In conversation with our goal of exploiting the new logo to create a broadly appealing lifestyle brand, we saw an opportunity to raise awareness and cultivate curiosity in the months and weeks leading up to Game One by activating public spaces in unconventional ways.