We Believe

How do you take a destination known all over the galaxy for more than seven decades and build on it? Here’s how: you embrace it, enhance it and expand it across all 26 of this unique city’s departments and beyond. From immersion to identity, we believe the journey can be transformational.

Brand Immersion

We explored the concept of Belief before we even left town, interviewing brave subjects on a cold First Friday Art Crawl in Tulsa. Then we flew to Roswell, just as other visitors did in 1947, to see for ourselves. What we came away with was a focus on the archetype of The Seeker, the person (or being) yearning for deeper understanding or just some quirky fun.

Brand Platform / Messaging

Our challenge was to help expand and further develop a fuller Roswell experience through a cohesive brand narrative that reaches a broader audience, connects existing assets, unifies Roswell’s internal city departments, stimulates pride and contribution in the community, and delivers a well-rounded visitor experience, all without compromising its original nature, fun and intrigue.

Visual Identity System

We developed a streamlined visual identity system to serve the City of Roswell across its twenty six departments. The unified system provides clarity and consistency across the entire organization while referencing the 1947 ” ufo incident” as a means to connect with internal and external audiences that takes advantage of Roswell’s already established world-wide reputation.

Tourism Advertising Campaign