Nikki Vaverka

Media Planner | Buyer

We’ve seen lots of impressive resumes in our nearly two decades in business. We’ve never seen the 2009 MTV “Rock-Paper-Scissors” champion though…until we met Nikki, that is! While that was a major attention-grabber, Nikki continues to impress us for many more reasons. She was formerly the Lead Buyer for Jackson’s Diamonds, so she knows quality. She was also the Head Buyer and Date Creator for Datebox, so she’s got certifiable creative flair.  What’s a Date Creator, you ask? Exactly like it sounds. Nikki came up with clever date ideas for prospective lovebirds. How cool is that? We don’t know how many of these dates led couples down the aisle, but we do know Nikki is the perfect match for our rock star media team. If you ever want an autograph from a MTV celeb, just ask Nikki. You may have to beat her 2/3 first though.