Think you’ve got the trappings to be the next Cubican? We’re constantly reviewing portfolios for smart additions to our team.


A few things to note:

We are people first and employees second. We’ve created a flexible work environment because we know what matters. It’s a great perk, and we’re all really careful to enjoy it the right way.

There is no “path” for coming to Cubic. Our backgrounds are as diverse as our personalities. We’ve employed professors, aquarium workers, illustrators, and professional ice cream eaters. If you’ve got something to bring to the table, you’re okay in our book.

There’s candy everywhere. How much you eat is your cross to bear.

Hope you like hats, ’cause we all wear a lot of them! At Cubic, we work as a team, and win as a team.

If you don’t love what you do, you won’t fit in at Cubic.

Take a peek at our open positions, and apply online if you see a fit.

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November 6, 2018
Tulsa, OK

Cubic, Inc. is looking for a smart, resourceful, curious and confident design-thinker. We know you are an Adobe CC star, that you have produced solid CMS-driven Web sites and that you have worked on a few motion graphics projects. We also know that you are passionate about type, color, and paper, that you have visited a printing shop and that you understand how the printing process works (digital, offset, screen printing, etc.). We know that you’re already creating ads using HTML5 and your video editing skills. Your portfolio will have a lot of impressive brands that you’ve worked on and you have great references and letters of recommendation.


November 2, 2018
Tulsa, OK

As a Cubic copywriter, you will be responsible for writing all of the different types of copy associated with our work. Those may include print ads, radio and television scripts, static and animated digital ads, brochures, direct mail, outdoor boards, trade show booth displays and support materials, websites, blogs, social posts, RFP copy, books, musicals, poetry, press releases, feature stories, op-ed pieces, technical journals, how-to instructions, captions, for sale signs, bumper stickers, songs, posters, packaging, playing cards, T-shirts, coffee cups, campfire stories and whatever else we decide we need or want to produce.